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Getting Started with Clevy Ondemand
Getting started with Clevy OnDemand
Getting started with Clevy OnDemand

A quick introduction on the WHY of Clevy OnDemand

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At Clevy, we consider HR and Operations professionals our day-to-day Heroes. They are the go-to persons when employees have an issue, be it professional or personal, and every day, they make sure that the company is running smoothly and everyone is taken care of.

But to do that, HR professionals need time. Time to listen to employees, develop talents, solve issues when they come, and improve employee engagement... And time is precisely what they fall short of.

Comes in Clevy OnDemand.


Clevy OnDemand is an Employee Experience Platform based on an AI that automatically learns how to process 80% of employees' requests and needs. And all that instantly. Yup, you heard it. No set-up. Get it running in minutes. And all that with an employee satisfaction of +90%.

Clevy On Demand empowers companies to:

  • Manage all their employee requests in one place, keep track of queries to answer timely, and save time with AI-powered auto-draft answers

  • Provide instant help at all times through an AI-based Employee Portal that reduces by 80% the recurring questions asked to internal support teams.

  • Let them collect Employees’ Data more efficiently and safely, and stop spending time copy-pasting data in excel files through multichannel Forms.

  • Integrate with all the company’s 3rd party software to let the data flow in the company’s application ecosystem

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In this help center, you will find everything you need to start automating your employees' requests and offering them the future of the Employee Experience. And for that, we are incredibly grateful and excited!

Let's start with the basics, with 5 short articles to help you discover all the concepts behind our solution. Then, you can navigate through the category "Clevy OnDemand Platform" to access details, tips and tricks, and everything you need to become an expert using Clevy OnDemand.

On behalf of the whole team at Clevy, I wish you an incredible journey. I look forward to talking with you about how you successfully supercharged your employee experience!

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