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How Search works in Clevy OnDemand interfaces
How Search works in Clevy OnDemand interfaces

Discover how to get better results when searching for information on Clevy OnDemand

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AI-Powered Search is one of Clevy OnDemand's most powerful features. Our search algorithms are based on AI algorithms (Natural Language Processing) and optimized to understand questions.

Why questions and not keywords? Because when your employees have issues, they don't look for keywords in heavy documents; they look for answers to their questions.

Similarly, that's why Google changed its search in the last five years from a keyword search to a question-based one.

That's why every content created in COD (Articles, Forms, and Apps) is designed to answer questions.

For Instance, if one of your employees asks, "Who do I notify of a change of bank account?" on the Employee Portal or the Virtual Assistant, they will either be sent the exact right article on the subject or offered to fill out the Form related to Changing Bank accounts.

Similarly, if you set up your search right, any similar question will trigger the same result. For instance:

  • I just changed bank; what do I do?

  • My bank number just changed. Can you update my file?

  • ...

This feature makes sure 80% of your employee's queries can be automatically solved with the minimum number of content (Articles and Forms) created.

The main places where you will use the AI-Powered Search are:

1. In Employee-Facing Interfaces:

1.1. In the Employee Portal:

1.2. In the Employee Virtual Assistant

2. In the Inbox

When an HR admin receives a ticket in the Inbox, our search algorithms will look in the Knowledge Base for Answers to the Ticket Query based on the same algorithms used in the Portal and the Virtual Assistant.

It will let HR admin process tickets much faster, ensuring they never have to answer the same question twice.

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