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Customizing your SLA & Team settings
Customizing your SLA & Team settings

Let your support deliver the consistent experience employees deserve.

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With Clevy, we wanted to make it easier for HR reps to prioritize requests and provide consistent response time to employees - to do so, we put in place Service Level Agreements (SLAs in the Clevy OnDemand Platform)

Setting rules for SLA enables your support team to have shared goals when it comes to how long they should take to respond to employees' queries.

Knowing when they should get a response from support will significantly contribute to better Employee satisfaction!

Setting SLA Rules

To set your SLA rules, go in Settings > Workspace and scroll to the SLA section.

  1. First decide what should be the time limit to respond to a request (in terms of days, hours).

  2. Indicate when you want to be reminded about tickets that are about to exceed that limit.

3. Click on the button "Save" in the top right of the page.

Once your rules are set, in your Inbox you will see the tag "Due in X days/hours/minutes" on tickets that are within your reminder timeframe.

Customizing additional Team Settings

1/ Choosing Agents View

In addition to SLA rules, you can also choose what your agents can view in their own Inbox. As detailed in Roles, because agents have limited rights across the workspace, their interface will be much simpler than that of Managers/Administrators.

As Managers, you can decide whether Agents will have access to:

  • all the requests sent to the team

  • or only the requests assigned to them, and requests that have a tag assigned to them (learn more on tag assignation in Skills-based Routing)

  • or only requests that are assigned to them.

Generally speaking, we recommend to give agents a view on solely the requests assigned to them to give them a simple view of the workload they have to complete.

It is important to note that this filtering system is enforce for all the Agents in a given Workspace.

To choose the view:

  1. Click on the "Filter options" dropdown in Settings > Workspace and select your choice.

  2. Click on "Save" in the top right

2/ Setting Team Availability

Sometimes, some team members are on leave, or just not available to respond to employees requests.

You can then set them as "Unavailable" so that new tickets will not be transferred to them.

  • To do so, simply click on the green "Available" button to toggle it to "Unavailable".

  • Similarly, to mark them as Available again, click on the same button.

  • Your changes will be updated automatically without needing to save.

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