An overview of Tags
Understanding the purpose of "public" vs regular tags.
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Tags are one of the most powerful concepts in Clevy OnDemand.

They are central in all the major features, for various purposes:

  • used in Articles & Forms to categorize & organize your content

  • to pick which content to showcase on the Portal homepage

  • selectable by end users (employees) to define the subject of their requests (as shown in Inbox)

  • the key element to setting up Skill-based routing

While all these subjects will be covered throughout the documentation, the first thing to understand is the difference between Public and Regular Tags.

Regular Tags: organizing content for your support team

Your whole support team can create a new Tag by:

  • adding them to an Article or a Form

  • adding a Tag to a request from end users.

  • creating a Tag from the Settings of the Workspace (Managers & Administrators only)

Either way, when a Tag is created, it is available to be used by the whole support Team.

It allows you to organize and categorize the various resources currently on the platform.

Public Tags: making content available to your employees

Making tags Public will enable two things:

  • make the tag selectable for your employees in the default Ticketing Form: in other words, they will be able to define their request with this public tag.

  • make all the content tagged with this Tag (e.g. articles, forms), accessible by your employees via the Assistant and the Portal.

To set a Tag as public:

  1. Go to Settings > Tags

  2. On this page, you will have the list of all the Tags created in your workspace

  3. Click on the toggle "Public" for the tags you wish to make public.

  4. It will automatically update and save your changes

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