Setting up Skill-based Routing

Make the most of your team's diversity of expertise.

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When adding colleagues to your support team, you may think about what are their areas of expertise: for instance, in a large HR team, you have people specializing in payroll, other people dedicated to pension benefits, and so on.

With Skill-based Routing, we want to enable you to apply this myriad of expertise in Clevy OnDemand by automatically transferring employees' requests directly to the right HR/support person.

The benefits of setting this Routing are twofold:

  • it allows people in your support team to focus on issues they are knowledgeable in.

  • it saves significant time by avoiding constantly forwarding requests, hence making processing employees' queries much quicker.

But how does it work, exactly? Let's find out!

Requirements to set Skill-based Routing

First of all, to be able to build your routing system, you will need two things:

  • to have more than one team member in your workspace ( you can learn how to add agents to your team here)

  • to have created Tags in your workspace

Assigning Tags to any Team Member

Now that you have both, we will proceed to assign these tags to a team member.

It is important to note that anyone in the team can be assigned to a tag, regardless of their roles (Administrators, Managers & Agents).

To assign Tags do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Tags.

    On this page, you will have a list of all the tags currently used in your workspace

  2. Next to the tag you want to assign (e.g. "Payroll), click on the "Users" bubble.

  3. A dropdown will appear with all the workspace team members.

    Click on the person(s) you want to put in charge of the tag (e.g. "Jane Doe")

  4. Your changes will be saved automatically, no need to save!

Your Skill-based Routing is now all set up!

What happens next?

In our example, we have assigned "Jane Doe" to the Tag "Payroll".

Now, when employees will submit queries and select "Payroll" as the tag of their requests, Jane Doe will receive them directly in her Inbox.

This is also how it should work in your own workspace!

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