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Creating user Groups for Profile-based answers
Creating user Groups for Profile-based answers

Make your answers relevant to every employees.

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One of the hardest challenge when building a knowledge base is creating content that is relevant to everyone: as such, umbrella articles are not always satisfactory because we want to be as precise as possible in our answers.

That is why Profile-based answers is here.

In Clevy OnDemand, you can create alternative answers to a single question depending on your employees' characteristics.

For exemple:

Let's say you have some employees in Canada, and some in the US.

If you want to create an article "How to reach the company's HR department?", you can show 2 different responses:

  • The details of your Vancouver office to the Canada-based employees

  • The details of your New York office to the US-based employees

How can you do that?

First, you need to create Groups in your User Directory.

In User Directory, you will need to import the list of your users' details (emails, name), as explained in this article.

This means that your users will need to be identified (i.e. logged in) to access specific content.

Once you have your users, you can create Groups:

  1. In Settings > User Directory > Groups, click on the button "Add group" in the top right.

  2. Name the group you want to create (e.g. "Canada") and click on "Add"

Once you have created all your groups, you will need to add your users in the relevant groups.

3. Click on the group to which you want to add users.

Then click on the "Add user" button.

4. Select the users you want to add by clicking on their checkboxes

5. Click on the button "Add"

You now have successfully generated Groups! If you want to learn how to write Groups relevant content, check out the article Creating a profile-based answer.

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