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3. The Ticketing Interface
Understanding the fields by default in the ticketing form
Understanding the fields by default in the ticketing form

Purpose and look of your default request form.

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When you sign up, Clevy OnDemand will automatically create a Ticketing form for you to get requests from employees.

While most of the fields of the form added by default are pretty straightforward, it is always useful to get the full picture of their purpose.

Ticketing form by default in Clevy OnDemand
  • Title

The Title allows employees to succinctly describe their issue (e.g. "How do I request FMLA leave?").

In addition, Clevy OnDemand will use this input as your Article's title when creating a new Article from the answer.

  • Email

When you respond to employees' requests, your answer will be sent directly to their emails. They will also be notified of any changes in the status of their submitted request (e.g. when you mark their issue as resolved).

  • Text

The text area enables employees to further detail their issues, or provide context around their requests.

  • Attach File

Attaching a file is not a mandatory field, but can prove useful if they need to attach any supporting documents relevant to their requests.

  • Tags

With Tags, employees can define the subject of their request based on your Public Tags. Selecting a tag will tag the request with it, subsequently triggering the automated Skill-routing.

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