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3. The Ticketing Interface
Customizing the fields of your Ticketing form
Customizing the fields of your Ticketing form

Make the form more fitting to your company needs.

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As a support team, you may want to get more information from your employees to be able to process their queries much faster.

The default fields provided in the ticketing form might hence not be sufficient to cover all the details you want.

Then, let's see how you can add and customize your form!

First of all, to access your default Ticketing form, go to Channels > Ticketing > Form

Customizing the default fields

Under the Form section, you will see the 5 fields* added by default in your Ticketing form.

*if you are unsure about the purpose of these fields, check out this article

To customize these fields start by clicking on the field you wish to edit:

For each input you can edit:

  • the title

  • description

  • placeholder

  • and the default value

Let's see an example:

I would like to replace the first input currently named "Title" with a more precise title like "What is your query?".

  1. Click on the input

  2. Fill in the new title "What is your query?" in the allocated field

  3. [Optional] You can add a description to help your employees understand the purpose of the field, as well as a placeholder to illustrate what is expected.

  4. In the "Preview" area, it shows you what your field will look like to your end users.

You can similarly edit all the default fields.

*only Attach File and Tags have less customizable parameters. To edit your Tags, read this next article.

5. Once you are done customizing your form, click on the "Publish" button in the top right of the page

Adding fields to your ticketing form

You can add as many fields as you would like to your form, though generally speaking, we don't recommend having more than 10.

There are a few different types of inputs you can add:

  • text or text area

  • email

  • number

  • password

  • single select

  • multiselect

If you wish, you can also insert a Text block and Separator to divide your form into different sections.

For example, let's add an input so that employees can add a phone number.

  1. Click on the button "Add form block"

  2. Select the "Number Input" in the dropdown list

  3. Indicate the "Phone number" in the "Title" input

    [Optional] Add a little description if you wish. You can also click on the toggle to make it a Required field.

4. Once you are done customizing your form, click on the "Publish" button in the top right of the page.

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