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3. The Ticketing Interface
Public Tags in your ticketing form
Public Tags in your ticketing form

Let employees tag the subject of their queries with Public Tags.

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In a previous article, we detailed the difference between Regular and Public Tags.

One of the main upsides of a Public Tag is to make the tag selectable in the default Ticketing Form: in other words, employees will be able to define their request with this public tag.

When an employee selects a Public Tag, it will tag their request with this tag, which will help you organize your requests in your Inbox.

Here, you have two pending requests in the Inbox: one is tagged with "sickness" and the other with "admin."

How do you create Public Tags?

To set a Tag as public:

  1. Go to Settings > Tags

  2. On this page, you will have the list of all the Tags created in your workspace

    • If you do not have any, click on the "Add tag" button to create your first tags.

  3. Click on the toggle "Public" for the tags you wish to make public.

  4. It will automatically update and save your changes.

Once you have set your Public Tags, they will appear in the dropdown of your Ticketing Form: employees can now select them when submitting their requests.

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