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5. The Employee Portal
Introducing the AI-powered Employee Portal
Introducing the AI-powered Employee Portal

Let employees help themselves with this powerful all-in-one Portal.

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With Employee Portal, it has never been so easy for employees to find the information they need and ask questions in one beautifully designed interface! ๐Ÿ˜

Preview of what the Employee Portal can look like

How the Portal works

The Portal makes all the content you have created searchable and accessible to your employees, powered by the same Search Queries algorithms you set in your Articles and Forms.

When someone searches for specific information - let's say "How to request PTO?", the portal will automatically suggest relevant content (may it be Articles or Forms).

Ticketing feature in the Portal

If the employee doesn't find an answer to their question, they can submit it via the default ticketing form! The question will then land in your - or one of your agent's - Inbox for you to process.

Showcasing key content with the Portal Homepage

Setting up the Homepage enables specific content to be displayed upon arrival on the portal.

On the Homepage, you can choose to showcase:

  • collections of related articles (based on the articles' tags/topics)

  • custom Forms & Surveys

  • individual articles

  • shortcuts redirecting to useful resources, apps, ...

๐Ÿ’ก Pro Tip:

This enables you to create an "information campaign". For instance, let's say you are reaching the end of October and you know that employees are going to start asking about taking leave for Christmas and such.

You can choose to display on the homepage a collection of articles about paid time off, company policies on leave, and the request form to take leave.

This way, employees will access this relevant content quickly and save precious time!

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