Connect your Employee Portal to UKG HRSD with the UKG HRSD App.

App features

Download documents: Cannot find your last payslip or contract? Your employee can easily check all their documents and send them to their vault whenever they want.

Generate certificates: Generate documents such as work certificates on the fly right from your Virtual Assistant. This freshly generated document can be downloaded right from your browser or even sent to your vault.

Fill in forms: View and fill in all your forms whenever you need to right from your employee Portal.

Set up UKG HRSD App

To set up the UKG HRSD App, go to Knowledge Base > open or create a new Article > Create a new block > Business App > UKG HRSD.

Before installing the UKG HRSD App, make sure to fill in the credentials fields shown below:

  • Application ID

  • Application secret key

  • Client ID

  • Instance url

This information can be requested from your UKG HRSD Account Manager.

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