Neocase App lets your employees access their service catalog and list of tasks from their portal.

App features

Check your next tasks: Ask your Virtual Assistant what your next tasks are, to view all of them in detail.

Consult your service catalog: If you ever need to find a Neocase service, you can search for it right from your Virtual Assistant, it's fast, easy, and gives you access to your service catalog on demand

Respond to an open request: When viewing open request details, you can easily write a new answer right in your Virtual Assistant. It's easy, and fast. You'll be noticed whenever your answer has been processed.

Set up Neocase App

To set up the Neocase App, go to Knowledge Base > open or create a new Article > Create a new block > Business App > Neocase.

Before installing the Neocase App, make sure to fill in the credentials fields as shown below:

  • Username

  • Password

  • Neocase Portal URL

This information can be requested from your Neocase Account Manager.

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