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1. Setting Up Support Channels
Setting up your Support Channels
Setting up your Support Channels

How to let your employees send their requests to the HR Team.

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One of the main objectives of Clevy OnDemand's platform is to let HR support teams process all their Employee requests in the same place. But to do that, it's essential to offer means to employees to reach the support teams.

That's where Support Channels come into play. Support Channels are all the channels you can deploy to let your employees contact you when they are in need. There are currently three support channels you can deploy.

To find them, go to the channels in the main menu.

Even though the three channels have different functions, they are all based on a ticketing form that will let your employees, at some point, formulate their issues in the easiest form possible for your teams to process. The workflows are as follows.

  1. Ticketing Interface: Your employees have a request; they connect on the Ticketing Interface and submit their request.

  2. Employee Portal: Your employees have a request. They connect to the portal and ask their request in the AI-Powered search bar. Either they find their answer or don't, and are offered to create a ticket on the ticketing interface, escalating the ticket to Clevy OnDemand's Inbox.

3. Employee Virtual Assistant: Your employees have a request. They open EVA, their Virtual Assistant, and ask their request in natural language. Either EVA has the answer or will offer them to create a ticket in a conversational version of the Ticketing Interface, escalating the ticket to the Clevy OnDemand's Inbox.

What will happen to the request after the employees click on submit?

After an employee submits a ticket on one of your channels, it will go into your Clevy OnDemand Inbox for your HR teams to process it. Once you deploy your channels and communicate them to your employees, you are all set!

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