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How to Improve the AI-powered search
How to Improve the AI-powered search

A few tips to improve the performance of your Search Bar

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There are three ways to improve the AI-Search in Clevy.

1. Adding Custom Search Queries to your Articles and Forms

When you create a Form or an Article, you can add Search Queries on the left menu. Search Queries are examples of questions that will trigger the article or the form.

If you create five different Search queries, Clevy's algorithm will be able to extrapolate and understand +50 ways of asking the same question!

💡 Pro Tip:

  • By default, the Title of the Article or the Form will be added as the first Search Query.

  • You should create at least 4 Search Queries per Item (Article or Forms) for optimal use of the AI-Search.

  • The more different those Queries are in terms of language and word used, the more efficient your search will be

2. Using Formulation Templates:

The other way to quickly create different variations of Search Queries is by using TEMPLATES.

  1. Select the template of your query

  2. Fill the placeholder with the invariable part of your query.

  3. Open the auto-generated variations and remove or adapt the improper ones.

3. (Advanced) Using the Vocabulary items

The last way to improve your search results is by setting up the Vocabulary Items. To get there, go to Menu>Settings>Vocabulary.

In the Vocabulary, you can teach the system your company's "jargon", i.e. all the words, acronyms, and synonyms that have a specific meaning in the context of your industry or company.

There is 3 type of vocabulary item you can use:

  1. Acronyms: will teach AI-Search algorithms the meanings of an acronym

  2. Ignored words: will tell the algorithms to ignore a particular word in the AI search. Let's say you name your Virtual Assistant "Bob" a lot of your employees will start their questions with "Hi Bob,..." which doesn't bring value to the search performance. You could decide to add Bob in ignored words.

  3. Reformulations: This Lets you create your own synonyms bank (only for your company-specific synonyms)

⛔️ The "Ignored words" functionality should be used only if you detect that certain words have a negative impact on the search results. Per default, try not using it as it is very powerful and might have side effects.

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