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6. EVA, The Employee Virtual Assistant
Introducing EVA, the Employee Virtual Assistant
Introducing EVA, the Employee Virtual Assistant

Discover how to set-up and deploy your Virtual Assistant

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One of the most powerful features of Clevy OnDemand is its AI-powered Chatbot EVA, your Employee Virtual Assistant. EVA will feed on all the content you create in Clevy OnDemand (HR Articles, Forms, Integration to third-party applications) to bring your employees a best-in-class conversational assistant they can use by chat or voice on any device. With EVA, your employees are one conversation away from whatever they need to do their job correctly.

On which communication channel can I use Clevy's Virtual Assistant?

Clevy's Virtual Assistant can be used on a Web interface, as a widget on any website, but also in Microsoft Teams, Slack (enterprise), Workplace by Meta (enterprise), and any Messenging App that has an API (enterprise).

Where can I set up the Virtual Assistant's AI and Knowledge?

As opposed to most of the Virtual Assistants available on the market, with Clevy OnDemand, you never have to do the work twice. Your Virtual Assistant is based on the same AI algorithmslinked to your Articles and Forms and learns from your HR agent's answers while processing tickets. And it works in minutes.

When your employees ask questions to EVA, EVA's AI algorithm will compare that question with the Search Queries that you set up in your articles and forms to give the right content to the end-user.

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