Rebranding your Virtual Assistant
How to give your assistant a personality that goes along your company's culture
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Whereas you could decide to deploy your Virtual Assistant as it is, meaning with our default theme and with the EVA name to refer to the Virtual Assistant, you have numerous ways to make the Virtual Assistant your own, branding it in line with your corporate branding and company culture.

You have numerous options available to set up your own virtual assistant and can virtually adapt anything you see on the interface, but the main options related to branding are:

  1. The name of your Virtual Assistant: Through the years, our customers haven't stopped impressing us with their creativity. here are a few real Clevy customers examples to give you some inspiration:

    1. Capgemini: Serge based on Capgemini's Founder Serge Kampf

    2. AXA: Hal based on the very famous AI in Arthur C. Clarkes's Space Odyssey

    3. Groupama: AVA

    4. Ministry of Defence: Gedeon

    5. National Railway: HRD2, reference to star wars

    6. Danone: Weldan, As in Welcome Danoners

  2. The Visual Identity of your Virtual Assistant:

    1. The Avatar, will be your assistant's avatar, which appears next to its chat bubbles

    2. The Assistant's logo: The main logo that appears in the sidebar card

    3. The Main card background color

    4. The Main card background image

    5. The bubbles color and text color

    6. the Favicon if you decide to embed your Virtual Assistant on a website

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