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Getting Started with Forms
Getting Started with Forms

Different ways to create a Form in Clevy OnDemand Platform

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With Articles, Forms are the second pillar of your Employee Experience platform. They are the cornerstone of your company's Data Collection process and will both:

  • Help your HR and Support teams collect data faster through official streamlined forms

  • Help your Employees self-serve processes that otherwise would take many back and forths with your HR team

To create a new form, go to main menu>Forms>Add form

1. Creating a new Form in your Platform:

  1. Choose one or more tags. Tags are essential as they will help you keep your Form library organized.

  2. Choose your Form's Title. A best practice is to write a title as a question. (see why here)

  3. (Optional) Add a Summary: Add a description of your Form. The description will display on your Portal's Quick Forms cards (see example here)

  4. Create the body of your Form using the different field blocks available on your platform

  5. Add at least one search query: It is good practice to add a minimum of four queries so that your Form will always display in the search bar when an employee il looking for a related subject. ("How do I update my bank info", "I am looking for the Bank Information Update Form", "I just changed bank, who should I notice"...)

  6. Save and exit

2. Where can Employees fill out the forms I create?

There are three ways to make your forms accessible.

  1. Using the Form unique URL

  2. In the Employee Portal

    1. Through Search

    2. In the "Quick Forms" area

  3. In the Virtual Assistant

1. The Form Unique URL

You can send any form created to your employees through their unique URL link, which you can find in the form library (useful if you want to give them a form to fill when answering a ticket, for instance).

When employees will click on the link, it will open the Web Version of the Form.

2. Forms In the Employee Portal

Through Search: All your Forms (depending on the accessibility settings you chose) can be found in the portal AI-powered search bar, as they all answer to specific questions that you described in the search queries

In the "Quick Forms" area: In your portal settings, you can decide to "Pin" some important forms you want your employees to be able to access at any time (for instance, an "Innovation Box" form where employees can suggest ideas of Innovation in the workplace, an "Urgency Form", the "Leave request" or "Remote application" form...

3. Forms In your Virtual Assistant

All the Forms you create can also be natively filled out in the Virtual Assistant without any specific additional setting.

2. What happens after an employee fills out a form?

All the forms submitted by your employees will generate a "Form" ticket to be processed in your Clevy OnDemand Inbox.

💡 Pro Tip: Forms must be linked to an End-User, meaning that you should always use the component "Ticketing Email" in your forms for the Forms to be sent in your inbox

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