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Clevy OnDemand's Inbox Explained
Clevy OnDemand's Inbox Explained

Provide fast and personal employee support with Clevy's Inbox.

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With Clevy's OnDemand Inbox, you can provide your employees with simple, prompt, and personal support. Clevy offers a suite of features for your team to handle conversations like a traditional ticketing system but with all the intelligence that is the foundation of our software.

Clevy AI-Powered inbox is built around two main views:

1. The Inbox page - agents can view and manage all tickets assigned to them

  • Manage all your employees’ requests in a unified platform, whether from your ticketing form, Employee portal, Virtual Assistant, or any other channel.

  • Tickets are automatically assigned to your team based on their availability and skills

  • Process similar tickets in bulk to save time

  • Process all employees' requests, be them queries (questions) or processes (forms)

  • Keep your inbox organised with tags and answer queries timely with SLA.

2. The Messaging page - agents can process and close tickets one by one or in bulk

  • Get help from Clevy's AI with "suggested answers" based on your knowledge base and the previous tickets you have processed.

  • Ask employees for additional information by creating a conversation thread inside your ticket.

  • Access the employee's ticket details, personal information, and the tickets metadata in one same view to have context and process the ticket faster

  • Collaborate on a ticket with your colleagues, creating internal notes and tasks in the ticket view

💡 Pro Tip: The Ticket lifecycle

  • New Tickets arrive in NEW

  • Once you start doing actions on a ticket in the Messaging page (answering the user, asking for more information...) without closing it, the ticket will go to PENDING

  • Once you or an employee closes a ticket ("Mark as resolved"), the ticket will end up in ARCHIVE

Now let's discover the different workflows to close a ticket! ✅

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